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Shannon Carr Tried To Honor Late Husband With NASCAR-Themed Headstone, Church Said No

Shannon Carr is suing a Catholic church for refusing to install a headstone honoring her late husband’s love of sports and the outdoors. The headstone is shaped like a couch and features images of a deer, a dog and color logos of NASCAR and the Indianapolis Colts. Jason Carr died in a 2009 automobile accident. The headstone cost $9,600 and is made of black granite.

Rev. Jonathan Meyer is a priest at St. Joseph Catholic Church. He let the makers of the monument know that the headstone didn’t meet the church’s standards and that it couldn’t be placed in the graveyard. In her lawsuit, Carr alleges that the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis Properties Inc., the cemetery’s owner, never produced any regulations for the plot until after she tried to have the headstone installed in 2010, reports Fox News.

Many have said that the church has not treated the Carr family fairly. Meyer disagrees. "We provided the family funeral rites, prepared a funeral meal and offered family members individual counseling after the services," Meyer said. "We were with them the entire way until this matter came up."

He says that members of the St. Joseph Parish Council were shown photos of the monument before Carr purchased it and that they told her the secular headstone was not acceptable. "They told her not to move forward with the purchasing of the monument, but she went ahead anyway," Meyer said. "We have consistently communicated the same message prior to the purchase and after the purchase. We did not think a granite couch was an appropriate monument in our historic cemetery."

Meyer believes that people pressuring the church to allow the headstone is a reflection of broader societal issues. "Our culture breaks all the rules to make people feel good," Meyer said. "Faithful Christians know rules and regulations are set up so there can be good for everyone."

Henry Carr, Shannon’s father-in-law, acknowledged that the dispute has been an issue in the church community. "I haven't been back to [St. Joseph] church and have asked that I not be buried there along with my son," he said. "I'm told the controversy is splitting the church apart, tearing it in half. But I guess that's what has to be done."

Source: (Fox News)


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