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Shame on Schools That Won't Teach Homosexuality is Sin, Says Dr. James Dobson

In his newsletter this month, conservative Christian Dr. James Dobson shamed schools that were not teaching that homosexuality is an offense against God.

He complained on that "children hear regularly that perversity is a civil right protected by the Constitution."

He continued:

[Children] are being taught that God is irrelevant, discriminatory and unconstitutional. It has profound implications for their young minds ... They can be twisted and warped by a society that glorifies wickedness.

Shame on the schools and churches that are teaching the young that sexual immorality is not an offense against the Almighty, whether it is homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. Sin is sin, and our leaders used to call it by that name. Now children hear regularly that perversity is a civil right protected by the Constitution. But biblical truth has not changed. The wages of sin is still death, as it has always been.

Dobson then plugged his new upcoming book and DVD series.

"It is why we are preparing a new eight-DVD series called, Building A Family Legacy, and why I am writing a book for parents on the same theme," he said.

He then asked for a donation.

"If you agree with this objective and can assist us financially here at the end of a very lean summer, we would certainly appreciate your support," he said. "Thank you so much for getting us through these past couple of months."



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