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'Sex is Not About Fun' Says Tea Party Speaker Jerome Corsi (Video)

Jerome Corsi is a well-known birther, author and Tea Party activist, but he's also an opponent of people having sex for "fun."

While speaking at an event earlier this month in Oregon, Corsi announced to the audience: "Sex is not about fun. You want to have fun? Read a book. Go to a movie" (video below).

He added: "Sex is about the pro-creation of children. It's a sacred responsibility and is meant by God for men and women to commit their lifetime to children," noted

He later advised the crowd to "keep the churches open and shut the government down."

Corsi also told the audience how to stand up to people who might call them a bigot for opposing gay people.

“Well, they want to call me a racist? Go ahead," Corsi said. "Want to call me a bigot? Go ahead. But I’m not going to be judged on what somebody called me, I’m going to be judged on the adherence to God’s law.”



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