Atheists Angered Over 9/11 Tribute: Seven in Heaven Way

A group of firefighters who died in 9/11 have been honored the wrong way. A street has been named for them which, unfortunately, encroaches unnecessarily on the separation of Church and State.

Named “Seven in Heaven Way”, the Brooklyn, New York street uses the tragedy of 911 to legitimize Christianity by asserting that Heaven is a real place, and that all these heroes are actually there. Now, I am not sure if all seven of the named firefighters were Christian, or if they were “good Christians”, but that’s not relevant. What’s important to remember here is that these men died in a religious attack against ALL of America. The Muslim extremists attacked the Constitution, not just the Towers and the Pentagon.

Breaking our own laws undermines us, even if it’s only the name of a street. As we approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we will see preachers and their politicians trying to make Christianity the victim, and to vilifying anyone who screams foul.


These heroes died FOR our Constitution, and breaking the Constitution in their memory should make any patriot shudder. Call it “Seven Heroes Way”. Call it “Remember Seven Way”. But leave Christianity out of it – it wasn’t involved.

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