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Sen. Ted Cruz's Father Rafael Says 'Gay Means Happy' Not Homosexual (Video)

Rafael Cruz, the father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), recently claimed that homosexuals should not be called "gay" and pro-choice advocates should be called "pro-death."

According to, Rafael was speaking to a Grassroots America We The People group on Oct. 19 when he told them which words to use.

“We have to stop being politically correct," said Rafael. "We have to stop acquiescing even to the wording that the liberals use."

"They say 'pro-life or pro-choice,'" added the elder Cruz. "That's not the right word. It is pro-life or pro-death. It is pro-life or pro-murder."

He then launched his attack on gay people.

"It's just like calling homosexuals 'gays,'" lamented Rafael. “Gay means happy It’s just trying to dilute it so it becomes socially acceptable, and if you say anything about homosexual marriage or anything, ‘Oh, you’re intolerant.’ So we're supposed to prostitute their principles on behalf of tolerance... Start being biblically correct instead of politically correct.”

Right reports that Rafael also slammed the Boy Scouts of America during a speech in Irving, Texas in June (audio below).

He was angry that pastors had not been protesting the Boy Scouts of America headquarters in Irving earlier this year, "We should have been there in mass!"

Rafael also claimed that scouts were going to get molested by gays.

“I was a Boy Scout, most of the times when you went out camping the tents were tents for two kids, I certainly don’t want my child with a potential sexual predator sleeping next to him,” stated Rafael.

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