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Sen. Ted Cruz Tells 'We Stand With God' Rally: Christians Are Persecuted By Gays (Video)

Republican presidential candidates Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry appeared at a “We Stand With God” rally outside of the South Carolina State House in Columbia on Aug. 29  (video below).

About 10,000 people were in attendance to hear politicians and preachers, reports The State.

Cruz claimed Christian business owners are being "persecuted" by gay people — who in turn were discriminated against by Christians because they were gay — and warned that the U.S. could become like Iran, a Muslim theocracy, notes

Cruz said:

"This is the world we’re living in. If you think your faith is safe, next may be you. Next may be me. Next may be your pastor who preaches the Word from the pulpit. Next may be your sister or brother or mom who volunteers at the pregnancy crisis center. 

"And you want to know how bad it can get, at that rally, we had Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of Saeed Abedini, an American citizen, a Christian pastor, sentenced to eight years in prison in Iran for the crime of preaching the Gospel."

Cruz falsely claimed that President Barack Obama has "abandoned Pastor Saeed and three other hostages in Iran!"

During his speech, Perry claimed, "The foundation of America is under attack from those on the left!"

Perry also compared himself to Jesus Christ who turned over tables and threw money-changers out of a temple in the Bible, reports

Perry promised to "turn over the tables of the money-changers of the corruption and the greed that we see in Washington, D.C.!"

Perry also asked the crowd what they were willing to die for, called for a religious revival in the U.S. and shouted, "Onward Christian soldiers!"

Sources:, JoeMyGod.comThe State / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot


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