Sen. Ted Cruz: God Will Help Me 'Pull America Back From The Abyss' (Video)


Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said on Jan. 25 that he believed that God and Christians would help him "pull America back from the abyss" (video below).

Cruz made his declaration during an interview with Pat Robertson's CBN cable channel, notes

Cruz said that during his travels around Iowa for the upcoming GOP caucus he asks "the people here to stand on the promises of Second Chronicles 7:14, to lift this country up in prayer. There is an awakening, there is a spirit of revival that I see every day, it’s sweeping this country."

Second Chronicles is a book in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament that was written to Jewish people over 2,000 years ago; there is no mention of America, Christians, politics or 2016.

Cruz added that he feared for America because "if we keep on this path, there comes a point of no return."

The GOP candidate went on to say that running for president has been a "most humbling and amazing experience," and how he does it "6 days a week" for "16, 18 hours a day."

Cruz also stated:

But I am energized and I am invigorated because I see people across the country, you and I are going to go in the other room and visit with pastors who are passionate to turn this country around. And I listen to people every day who are so desperate: “Please help us save this country.”

That’s why we’re doing it, and I am convinced God is not done with America. We are going to, together, with God’s blessings and grace, pull America back from the abyss.

One of the people that Cruz has won over is Tony Perkins, president of the pro-Christian, anti-gay Family Research Council.

Perkins officially endorsed Cruz during an interview with Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Jan. 26, reports

Perkins said that Cruz is best prepared to "lead this nation forward, pulling it out of the tailspin that this president has put us in."

Perkins did not elaborate on what exactly the "tailspin" was supposed to be.

Sources: (2) / Photo Credit: CBN via YouTube Screenshot

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