Sen. Marco Rubio Reveals Why He Left the Mormon Church

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In his new autobiography 'An American Son,' which goes on sale Tuesday, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio writes about his Christian faith and how, as a child, he and his cousins were baptized in the Mormon church.

Sen. Rubio told ABC News that his family joined the Mormon Church while living in Nevada: “We were in the Mormon church I guess by the time I turned eight. The Osmonds were pretty popular back then, especially among Mormons, but I think among a lot of Americans. But we had a group called the Sunshine Cousins. It was me, my sister and my cousin and we, we would lip sync basically.”

“We did our first communion in Las Vegas before moving back to Miami. I know people find it interesting, it was a period in our lives and our family in Las Vegas, we have a large extended family of cousins, second cousins and others who are still part of the LDS church.”

However, Sen. Rubio said that his father was “skeptical about the church’s teachings,” and by the time the family relocated back to Miami, they also rejoined the Catholic church.

The Miami-born Rubio is the son of Cuban immigrants. His family history came under scrutiny after the Washington Post revealed that Rubio’s parents did not flee Castro’s Cuba as Rubio had previously claimed, but instead left Cuba before Castro took power.

While some reports say that Sen. Rubio is a strong contender for Mitt Romney's vice presidential spot,  ABC News says that Rubio has not been asked to provide any financial documents or fill in any paperwork in relation to the job.


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