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Sen. Luther Strange Says Trump Is 'Biblical Miracle' (Video)

Sen. Luther Strange Says Trump Is 'Biblical Miracle' (Video) Promo Image

Republican Sen. Luther Strange of Alabama referred to President Donald Trump as a "Biblical miracle" on July 8 in front of voters in Montgomery, Alabama (video below).

Strange appeared with six Republican candidates who are all vying for the Senate seat that Strange was temporarily appointed to when Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama became the U.S. attorney general, reports the Alabama Media Group.

Strange, who was appointed by former Republican Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama, told voters how he would support the Trump administration.

"President Trump is the greatest thing that's happened to this country," Strange told voters. "I consider it a Biblical miracle that he's there."

After praising Trump, Strange reportedly called Obamacare a "disaster."

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"We're going to take care of the most vulnerable citizens," Strange stated. "But remember what this was intended to do, was to take care of disabled individuals and poor women and children. We have now turned it into a massive entitlement, just one example of the problems facing this country."

Ten Republicans and eight Democrats are running for the Senate seat, which voters will decide on Aug. 15.

Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama, who is also vying for the Senate seat, boasted about not violating ethics rules:

In that roughly 30 years of public service I've never had an ethics complaint filed against me with the Alabama Ethics Commission and never had any kind of complaint filed with any federal government oversight agency.

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So that's something that I offer, it's a track record you can look at to verify that I'll be as candid and honest as I can possibly be with you, and I'll put country and state before personal interest.

Brooks recently called Strange "an establishment Republican" who is supported by "pro-Amnesty, establishment money" in an email to supporters, noted The Hill.

Randy Brinson, a physician in Montgomery who formerly ran the Christian Coalition of Alabama, brought up Biblical values to the voters, notes the Alabama Media Group:

I'm running because I'm tired of the corruption in Alabama and Washington. All our biblical values and convictions compel us to speak out against corruption, which I've done. I'm tired of our values and our faith being mocked by liberal elites. I'm tired of career politicians who say they're conservative, and then vote like liberals.

President Trump wasn't supposed to win this election. He was an outsider, not a career politician. Well, neither am I. This is my first run for office and I'm proud to say I fully support President Trump's agenda. I'm ready to go to Washington to fight for the president's agenda. We need to build a wall, we need to fix our immigration process, we need to repeal and replace Obamacare before it totally collapses.

Sources: Alabama Media Group, The Hill / Photo credit: U.S. Senate via Wikimedia Commons, Twitter via Wikimedia Commons, NASA HQ Photo/Flickr

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