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Sen. John McCain Slams Fox Hosts for Syria Misconceptions

Since President Obama announced that he would seek Congressional approval for a strike against Syrian military targets, the idea that the Free Syria Army is an arm of Al Qaeda has persisted, including amongst members of the US military. Thus the lobbying blitz of both legislators on Capitol Hill and the American people via the Press,  proponents of military action against the Assad regime not only have to prove that a strike is warranted, but that America wouldn’t be arming its enemies.

In an appearance on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, Arizona Senator John McCain addressed those concerns directly. Moments before host Brian Kilmeade threw to Sen. McCain, they had been talking to conservative radio host Laura Ingraham who has said that McCain is backing up “confused and misguided” Obama Administration policies.

With a laugh, Sen. McCain said he hadn’t heard her and then proceeded to clarify his position. “I said I was encouraged when the President commits to increasing our support for the Free Syrian Army, providing them with the weapons that they need to combat Bashar Assad,” he said, and then added referring to Ingraham, “I just beg to differ, but I’m sure with her vast knowledge of military tactics and strategy she knows better than me.” Sen. McCain then laughed at his joke while hosts Kilmeade and Steve Doocy scrambled for their next question.

Later, after showing a video of a Syrian jet being shot down and the victorious shouts of “Allahu Akbar” from the rebels, Kilmeade said he has a “problem” helping people who shout “that.” Sen. McCain the pointed out that it simply means “God is great,” and equated it to Christians shouting “Thank God.” Sen. McCain went on to say that he believes the President does not need Congressional approval to retaliate. 


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