Self-Proclaimed Prophet Cindy Jacobs Says Prayers Stopped Planned Terrorist Attack (Video)


Self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs recently claimed on a broadcast of her TV show "God Knows" that she prevented a terrorist attack and exposed a sleeper cell in Niagara Falls, New York via prayer (video below).

Jacobs said that she and her husband were at a restaurant with some friends when "the Lord began to tell me that there was a terrorist attack being planned in that little town," reports

"So anyway, I went out and I walked past this little group of people and the Lord said 'Go tell those people.' So I walked over there... and they said 'Are you Cindy Jacobs? Well, we're pastors from the area and we know who you are.'"

"I gave them the word, " Jacobs continued. "And they mobilized the prayer network and we mobilized our New York State prayer network. Everybody began to pray and it was exposed; there was a sleeper cell in that area that got exposed."

Jacobs did not mention that she or anyone else contacted local authorities to warn them.

However, aGoogle searchfor "terrorist sleeper cell niagara falls" did not turn up any results.

Several years ago, there was the highly-publicized sleeper cell 'Lackawanna Six" in Lackawanna, New York, as reported by

Lackawanna, New York is about 25 miles south of Niagara Falls, New York.

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