See It: Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage For Supporting Israel At Christian Conference (Video)

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was booed off the stage at a Middle Eastern Christians conference in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday after he voiced his support for Israel.

Cruz was the keynote speaker at the sold-out gala organized by the nonprofit In Defense of Christians.

Cruz began by saying, “Tonight, we are all united in defense of Christians. Tonight, we are all united in defense of Jews. Tonight, we are all united in defense of people of good faith, who are standing together against those who would persecute and murder those who dare disagree with their religious teachings.”

“Christians have no greater ally than Israel,” he added.

Members of the crowd then yelled “stop it” and booed Cruz.

According to the Daily Caller, Cruz wasn’t reading from a teleprompter or from any notes.

In the video below, someone appears on stage with Cruz to try to settle the disgruntled audience.

“I will say this, I am saddened,” Cruz says in the video, “to see that some here, not everyone, some here–”

“Most of us!” yells someone in the audience.

“Are so consumed with hate–” Cruz continues until the whole room erupts with disagreement and boos.

“You speak for yourself!” shouted another man before Cruz left the stage.

Sources: New York Daily News, Daily Caller

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Gage Skidmore, Reuters


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