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Secunda Highveld Christian School Tells Lesbian Couple to Divorce or Son Will Face Expulsion

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A married South African lesbian couple was reportedly told to split-up or their son would face expulsion from his Christian school.

Secunda Highveld Christian School’s pastor claimed that their homosexuality was “problematic” and that the couple had never indicated their orientation. He also threatened legal action if the couple refused to follow his instruction.

Kally and Samanatha Mabe, who highly publicized their wedding in the name of anti-discrimination activism, said that they were open about their relationship with the school’s staff.

“We told the principal and our son’s class teacher.” Kally Mabe said. “I filled in my details under the section in the form that asks for the mother’s details and Sam filled in the area that said ‘Father/Guardian’, but also filled in her title as ‘Mrs’.”

The principal said that as a Christian she was not in the position to judge the women’s relationship, recalls Kally Mabe. The principal later denied ever commenting on the Mabes’ relationship.

 “We enrolled our son in a Christian school because they are supposed to teach love, acceptance and forgiveness,” Samantha Mabe said, “Yet the school stands and teaches hypocrisy.”

The Mabes say they will take legal action against the school, and a spokesperson from the Mpumalanga Department of Education said that those working outside the legal system would be reprimanded.

Despite South Africa’s progressive laws in regard to the LGBT community, homophobia is still prevalent within the culture. 

Sources: Pink News, Daily Mail


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