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Seattle Pastor Defends Gay-Wedding Pastor: Church Is 'Wrong, Stupid And Evil'

A Seattle pastor is speaking out against the United Methodist Church this week, after a fellow pastor was convicted for officiating his gay son’s wedding in 2007.

"The United Methodist Church is wrong, stupid, and evil on its stand on homosexuality," Pastor Sandy Brown told KOMO News. "Everybody deserves to be a recipient of the ministry of the church."

Pennsylvania pastor, Rev. Frank Schaefer, was convicted of violating United Methodist Church law on Tuesday. He has been suspended for 30 days, but he wasn't defrocked over the incident.

Under UMC law in the Methodist Book of Discipline, it says “Homosexual unions shall not be conducted by our ministers and shall not be conducted in our churches.”

Brown said the UMC should change its laws.

The pastor of Seattle’s oldest church, First Methodist, says he’s performed several same-sex ceremonies in Seattle and is willing charged for the practice.

“Many clergy, just like me, have decided to take that risk anyway in favor of ministering to the people in our church,” he said.

“I’m discouraged, I’m angry, and I’m sad,” Brown said of the ruling.

Brown says everyone is welcome in his church and rejected the UMC’s stance that marriage is a "union between one man and one woman."

“The most important thing is same-sex couples are being ministered to. That’s much more important than an individual’s ordination,” he said.

Pastor Pat Simpson told KOMO News that it’s “entirely possible” that Brown will be brought up on charges for performing same-sex unions, but that no pastor in Washington state has ever been brought up on such charges.

Sources: KIRO-TV, KOMO News


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