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Sean Hannity And Kevin Sorbo To Make Anti-Atheist Movie

Fox News host Sean Hannity is teaming up with actor Kevin Sorbo on a movie in which Sorbo will play a famous atheist whose beliefs are challenged by Christianity.

Sorbo starred as an atheist college professor in the 2014 Christian-centered film "God's Not Dead," in which he bullied and berated a Christian student over religious faith.

Sorbo described the new $3 million film, "Let There Be Light," to The Hollywood Reporter as "'Ghost' meets 'Heaven Is for Real,' with a dash of 'God's Not Dead.'"

The "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" actor is still reportedly looking for distributors for the film, but is planning a November 2017 release; Hannity is a producer on the movie.

"Let There Be Light" will also star Sorbo's wife, Sam, and their two young sons.

"They blew me away with their auditions," Sorbo recalled. "Then Sam and I, as producers, realized the amount of money we had just saved by casting our own kids."

Sorbo described his efforts in making Christian-themed films:

Hollywood can be a very superficial place but then again, so is the world. I choose not to focus on whatever negatives that might arise from my taking a stand for what I believe in, because our beliefs are what make us human. I couldn't be the actor I am without knowing what I stand for.

In 2014, Sorbo complained to "Access Hollywood" that atheists are always angry, noted The Christian Post:

I'm a Christian myself and had to play an atheist. I see the anger of these (atheist) guys on TV and it's like, "Wow, how do you get so angry at something you don't believe in?"

What's interesting is that people say students don't get persecuted in universities because of their beliefs but it does happen. What's the big deal? I'm a "live and let live" kind of guy. If you're an atheist, fine. If you're agnostic, we can talk. This movie is not to preach to the choir, we wanted the choir to come and obviously they did.

It's funny how they can get nativity scenes pulled down because they say it offends them but they're offended by something they don't believe in. What offends 90 percent of the country is that they take down nativity scenes but apparently the majority doesn't have a voice in the country anymore so what are you going to do?

As a matter of record, atheist organizations oppose Nativity scenes being placed on government property and/or funded with government dollars because the scenes promote a specific religion at taxpayer expense.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, The Christian Post / Photo credit: Kevin Sorbo Official Facebook Page

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