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Scott Walker Says He Doesn't Know If Obama Is A Christian

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was asked during the winter meeting of the National Governors Association in Washington, D.C., whether he believed President Barack Obama was a Christian.

“I don’t know,” he told The Washington Post. “I’ve actually never talked about it or I haven’t read about that. I’ve never asked him that. You’ve asked me to make statements about people that I haven’t had a conversation with about that. How [could] I say if I know either of you are a Christian?”

It is not clear why Walker’s opinion on Obama’s religion is even relevant, but it does speak to a brand of ‘gotcha’ journalism that has become increasingly popular over the years. The formula is standard: Ask the politician a largely irrelevant question, seize on him being surprised that such a strange question was asked and then turn it into a 24-hour news story on cable news.

For his part, Walker pointed this out.

“To me this is a classic example of why people hate Washington and increasingly they dislike the press, he said. “The things they care about don’t even remotely come close to what you’re asking about.

“I would defy you to come to Wisconsin. You could ask 100 people, and not one of them would say that this is a significant issue.”

Sources: Washington Post, Huffington Post / Photo Credit: WikiCommons


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