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School Blasted For Scheduling Snow Make-Up Days On Religious Holidays


One North Carolina County is planning to send their students to school on a Christian holiday. 

Students at Wake County schools will have to go off to school "on Good Friday, as well as one Saturday each in April and May, to make up dates missed due to last week's snow storms," said local station WRAL 5

Although they expected to draw the ire of some people in the community, the school board decided that it would be best for the sake of the school.

Approving the snow day make-up dates on Tuesday, school board chairwoman Christine Kushner told reporters that their decision should be finalized "within the next day or so."

"No matter when we schedule, I know we are going to have conflict," district deputy superintendent for school performance, Cathy Moore said.

The district has come face-to-face with a mountain of backlash from concerned Christian parents and students alike who have taken to social medias to voice their concerns.

"Twitter erupted with very negative responses," said senior at the district's high school, Sophia Walsh. "A lot of us have family commitments that have been set for a while, and if we miss those school days, they count as absences and they are unexcused.

"That is a very important day for a lot of people," Walsh continued.

According to school officials, the dates were the best days they had to make up for the snow days for nine different schools. 

"Again, parents have made plans and whatever day we pick there is going to be conflict," Kushner told reporters. "We are looking for the least disruptive solution."

The school district had previously decided that the students would attend school on March 6 and April 17 to make up for the snow days from Feb. 17 to Feb. 20.

Source: WRAL 5 Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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