School District Approved Bible Giveaways, Upset Over Satanic Coloring Book


Christian organization World Changers of Florida began distributing Bibles at Orange County, Fla., public high schools in 2013 with the school board's blessing.

After some pressure from atheist group Central Florida Freethought Community (CFFC), the Orange County School Board agreed to allow other groups to distribute non-religious material, noted My Fox Orlando.

According to The Friendly Atheist, some of the books given away by the CFFC were censored by the Orange County School Board, so the Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a lawsuit, and the school district eventually allowed any book to be distributed at public schools.

While the CFFC didn't follow through on its book distribution, the Satanic Temple recently announced it wanted to hand out a coloring book to children based on its religion.

In response, the Orange County School Board has decided to change its policy to ban all groups from distributing religious books at public schools.

"This really has, frankly, gotten out of hand," school board chairman Bill Sublette told The Orlando Sentinel. "I think we've seen a group or groups take advantage of the open forum we've had."

"Everyone's upset about the Satanists and the atheists coming,'' added school board member Christine Moore.

Doug Mesner, co-founder and spokesman for The Satanic Temple, countered, "It strongly implies they never intended to have a plurality of voices."

The school board's decision to ban all religious books will likely go into effect early next year.

"They seem to be moving against the interests of a large part of the community," stated World Changers Vice President Greg Harper. "The Bible will open somebody's heart, somebody's mind, and cause them to pursue answers."

Sources: My Fox Orlando, The Friendly Atheist, The Orlando Sentinel


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