School Cuts Religious Lyrics From 'Silent Night' Song (Video)


The Ralph J. Osgood Intermediate School in Kings Park, N.Y. is in hot water after removing some religious lyrics from the song ‘Silent Night’ during a concert last week.

The words “holy infant” and “Christ the savior” were removed by school officials to avoid offending non-Christians, but ended up offending Christian parents instead (video below).

“Any reference to what the song was about, the birth of Christ,’ round young virgin mother and child,’ all of those things were omitted from the version that the children sang beautifully,” mom Jackie McDonald told CBS New York. “To choose to sing ‘Silent Night’ and eviscerate the meaning of the song was not appropriate.”

According to News 12, the school district issued a statement apologizing for editing the Christmas carol and promised it won’t happen again.

The statement also said the decision to change the song’s lyrics was not approved by the Board of Education or by the school district.

The school district added that it doesn’t approve or disapprove songs chosen for concerts put on by schools.

Sources: News 12, CBS


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