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Public School's Removal Of 'Bible Man' Leads To Death Threats For Atheist Mom

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For decades, "Bible Man" has been visiting schools in Grundy County, Tennessee, and spreading the Christian gospel to the students.

Recently though, Bible Man has had to take a break from his travels after a concerned atheist mom raised complaints regarding the visits.

"We don't want people to be mad," the mother said, "we just want people to make sure there's an alternative something for the kids to do."

The mom requested that she remain nameless to avoid controversy for her secular beliefs.

According to her, the visits from Bible Man as well as his teachings about religion through song and displays went against the family's atheist beliefs and made her son uncomfortable.

"At first he did not know that he didn't have to go," she told reporters. "As he got older, it bothered him that he had to sit through this because it's not his religion."

After hearing of the complaint, the Freedom From Religion Foundation wrote to the school warning them that the visits from Bible Man violated the Constitution. 

The Freedom From Religion Foundation works "as an umbrella for those who are free from religion and are committed to the cherished principle of separation of state and church," according to their website. 

Since the removal of Bible Man from the schools, the atheist mother has said that her family has received threats on social media, including a picture of a burning house on Facebook.

"We just can't get over how much hate there is in their loving, Christian hearts," she told WRCB.

For now, the school district is trying to satisfy both parties.

"I believe the perception was that we're trying to get rid of him," said interim Director of Schools Dr. Willie Childers, "and that was not the perception we wanted to present."

Horace Turner had played Bible Man for 40 years at the time the letter was sent.

"At the last board meeting, there were several concerned citizens wanting to make sure that Bible Man or Mr. Turner will continue to be in Grundy County," Childers continued.

Childers is now hoping that the school will employ a "club schedule" that will allow religious-based clubs and organizations to exist for the students.

Source: WRCB,

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Flickr


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