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School Bus Driver Accused of Telling Student to 'Repent' of Homosexuality

The ACLU of Louisiana wrote a letter to the East Baton Rouge Parish School System today about a female school bus driver who allegedly detained a student and told him to "repent" for being gay.

The letter said that the 16-year-old student (referred to as John Doe) from Broadmoor High School was stopped on the bus by the driver on Oct. 10.

The ACLU's letter stated in part:

After the last student exited the bus the driver told her elementary aged children to go sit in the back of the bus. The driver then asked John Doe if he went to church or participated in any church-like activity. When John Doe told the driver no, she told him that “going to church is how he can avoid sin.”

She proceeded to tell John Doe that homosexuality is a “sin” and that he can go to hell for it.  The driver told John Doe that he needed to go to church, pray and repent and god would forgive him of his “sinful ways.” The driver told John Doe what bible he should get and that she could give him the name of a church if his mother would bring him.

The student told his sister who complained to Principal Shalonda Simoneaux, who reportedly told both students to “call transportation because I’m not her boss.”

The student's mother then contacted the school district.

East Baton Rouge district spokesman Keith Bromery told The Times-Picayune that a bus driver had engaged in this type of a conversation with a student.

"It's not part of the training they receive," added Bromery. "The rules say you cannot discriminate or bring religion into the workplace, it's part of our policy but it's not part of bus driver training."

"Based on the nature of what happened, it was felt that a reprimand and counseling, and having this in her personnel file was all that this should entail, and that's what happened," Bromery said.

Sources: ACLU, The Times-Picayune / Image Credit: AEMoreira042281


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