School Board Upset Over History Book's Accuracy of Islam

The Brevard School Board in Brevard County, Fla. has appointed a 10-member committee to create a supplement to a ninth grade world history book that bothers conservatives because of its accuracy regarding Islam.

The ninth grade world history book mentions the five tenants of Islam, but does not mention the Ten Commandments, which were already taught back in sixth grade, noted FloridaToday.com.

The Brevard School Board's supplement may include an online version of the 10 Commandments, which can already be found online. In fact, a Google search for "Ten Commandments" brings up over 20 million results.

Brevard schools spokeswoman Michelle Irwin said in a statement: “One of the big concerns that we’ve heard is that it talks about the five tenants of Islam, and it doesn’t talk about the 10 Commandments, because that was something that was covered in sixth grade. So they may have a copy online of the 10 Commandments.”

The world history book's publisher, Pearson, says the information is accurate and factual.

“We rigorously support the integrity of our content with both internal reviewers and independent-expert reviewers,” said Pearson spokeswoman Susan Aspey.

Source: FloridaToday.com


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