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School Board Member: No LGBT History, Violates My Faith

Mike Dunn, the school board president in Conejo Valley, California, told a parent on Jan. 5 that he is against a new framework policy that would include teaching students history about LGBT individuals because such lessons would violate his Christian faith.

A twitter user tweeted a screenshot of Dunn's email to the parent, which was reposted on Facebook by Anonymous Mommy:

Good morning [redacted].

The CSBA [California School Boards Association] states that the role of a trustee is be responsible to the beliefs, values and will of the community.

Are you advocating a dictatorship?

If I ignore my Christian beliefs what happens to my soul when I die? And what about the apostle Paul? Paul wrote letters to Corinthians, Romans and Timothy which conflict with the state history framework. Is the apostle Paul a homophobe or was he inspired by God?

Where I spend eternity is far more important to me than being a school board trustee.

I expect the district will comply with the Fair Act. But I also believe that the community does not want homosexuality, bisexual and transgender taught to 7 year old children.

Enjoy your day.


As a matter of Biblical record, the Apostle Paul -- a self-confessed murderer before converting to Christianity -- never called for banning historical lessons about LGBT people, who are actually mentioned in the Bible.

The California State Board of Education adopted the K-12 history-social science framework policy, which Dunn opposes, in July 2016, the Thousand Oaks Acorn notes.

The framework policy does not mention teaching homosexuality or any other types of sex acts to 7-year-old children, but does say that students should be taught about a "very diverse collection of families," including LGBT people.

Dunn would not respond to questions from the newspaper about the authenticity of the email in question that bears his official email address, but did say: "I will not vote for the 2016 framework. I am also sensitive to the reaction from mothers if we start promoting homosexuality."

Dunn said the framework policy was "politically correct propaganda," but it's not clear what that term actually means.

School board member Betsy Connolly told the Thousand Oaks Acorn that she understood the outrage over Dunn's email: "I see no problem with a person’s faith informing their decision-making process. I expect it to. What I have a problem with is when people cherry-pick faith and facts to support their perspective. It’s an important distinction."

Randy Smith, president of the Unified Association of Conejo Teachers, added: "I think it’s in the district’s best interests to stay in compliance with the law. That’s of paramount importance."

The school board will vote on the new framework policy on Jan. 17.

Sources: Thousand Oaks Acorn, Anonymous Mommy/Facebook / Photo Credit: Ventura County Star

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