Woman Sentenced to Prison, 50 Lashes For Insane Reason


A Saudi Arabian judge recently upheld a month-long prison sentence for a woman who reportedly criticized members of the morality police. Along with the prison sentence will come 50 lashes for the convicted businesswoman, according to Reuters and MSN.

The actions of the morality police have gone under fire on social media sites recently, as they have been involved in multiple controversies. The police force aims to uphold religious standards, enforcing dress codes and ensuring that stores close during certain times designated by religious texts. Officers have also been caught using excessive force or harassing individuals without cause.

In this recent case, the businesswoman allegedly called the morality police “liars” and cursed them.

The officers reportedly entered her shop to investigate possible breaches of morality.

The morality police, for those who are wondering, patrols various public areas and enforces things like dress codes (for women) and various closures for the prayers that Muslims must take part in several times throughout the day.

Source: MSN News, Reuters


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