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Satanist Group Campaigns To Add Controversial Sign To Public Building

A Satanist group is campaigning to add a sign to a Washington county public hearing room.

Seattle’s Satanic Temple chapter wants a sign with the phrase ‘E Pluribus Unum,’ translated to ‘from the many, one,’ Clark County public building after officials voted in favor of adding the sign ‘in God we trust’ in late February.

The sign was donated to the council by a nonprofit organization, said Clark County officials.

Members of the Satanic Temple said they wanted their sign to hang next to the approved other to find a balance between church and state.

“(We wanted) to avoid what we see as a breach of the church state separation and an exclusionary, divisive decision that leaves so many county residents feeling unrepresented and unwelcome,” said Lillith Starr, founder of the Seattle’s Satanic Temple chapter.

Both phrases have been featured on U.S. currency and have both served as the nation’s motto. "In God we trust" replaced "E Pluribus Unum" in 1956.

Acting Clark County Manager Mark McCauley said he does not think that the sign would be welcomed in the public hearing room by the county council.

“The issue is pretty much closed,” McCauley said. “We have one national motto. We’re not considering putting any others up in our county building.”

Star said she wants the sign to represent how the group opposes the integration of church and state. She added the group believes Satan represents that separation.

“We see Satan as our symbol of the rebel against tyranny," Starr said.

Residents in Vancouver, Washington, said they had no problem with the "In God we trust" sign because they think it reminds them of U.S. history.

“I see the ‘In God we trust,’ as a sign of our heritage,” said Vancouver resident Mike Giammo. “I don’t see it necessarily as pointing to Christianity or any other sort of monotheist religion.”

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Photo Credit: 123RFSatanic Temple Seattle


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