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Satanic Temple Proposes Sign To Place In Washington City Hall

A leader from Seattle's Satanic Temple said she plans to write a petition to create a new sign to put in a city hall building in Washington's Clark County.

The group leader said she wants the sign to say, "E pluribus unum, from the many, one" — the federal government's unofficial motto.

In February, Clark County councilors voted in favor of displaying a plaque with the phrase, "In God we trust," inside the council chambers after the same proposal failed at a previous meeting.

Chairman David Madore said he voted in favor of the sign because it is the national motto.

“We are here to recognize it and cherish and value and respect our heritage,” Madore said.

After county councilors decided to add the phrase, atheists in the area said they think the sign is not appropriate in a government building because it excludes those who chose not to believe in God.

"'Under God' has divided what was once considered indivisible," said Johnathan Bunn, a self-proclaimed atheist from Clark County. "I cannot swear allegiance to a flag when the republic for which it stands has a motto that excludes atheists like me."

In response to the vote, a local man decided to write a petition to have the councilors’ chambers include a sign that says, "In dissenters we believe." It states that the "In dissenters we believe sign" must be visible and the same size as the other plaque.

The sign proposed by the Satanic Temple would show 25 religious symbols lining the edges of the plaque, including a pentagram, a sybmol of Satanists.

According to its website, the Satanic Temple is an organization aimed to mobilize Satanists and secularists. The group held its first meeting in its Seattle branch in December. 

The group has yet to submit a formal petition, but leaders said they plan to do so soon and start their fundraising efforts for the sign. 

Sources: My Northwest, Patheos, Oregon Live

Photo Credit: Facebook


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