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Satanic Material Coming To Some Colorado Schools (Video)

The Delta County School District in Colorado is going to allow Atheist and Satanic literature to be given away at the local high school and middle school on April 1, which is causing outrage among some parents (video below).

The school district has already been allowing the Gideons, a Christian organization, to place free bibles on tables in school libraries during class hours for children to pick up.

"This is the other side of that,” Kurt Clay, the assistant school district superintendent, told KJTC. “The way our policy is written is that we cannot discriminate what is handed out, we just have to follow the process.”

The Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers will be providing Atheist and Satanic material on a table inside the school libraries, just as the Gideons did with the bibles, in order to make a point.

Anne Landman, a member of the group, told the news station: "[The school children are] getting exposed not only to a big lesson about the federal laws and our Constitution, but also about differing points of view, which, of course, exist throughout the country and the world."

The school district is now considering revising its policy not to allow any religious content to be given to students, which is what the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FRFF) has been asking it to do for months.

The FFRF has warned the school district that it would have to allow other groups to do the same thing as the Bible giveaways.

A FFRF press release stated on March 10: "In spite of repeated FFRF requests, the Delta County School District has refused to have the Gideons stop distributing bibles in the local public schools. So FFRF and its allied organizations are asking permission to hand out freethought materials there. These include brochures and booklets such as 'Top 10 Public School State-Church Violations and How to Stop Them' and 'What's Wrong With The Ten Commandments?'"

Sources: KJTC, Freedom From Religion Foundation / Photo credit: KJTC via YouTube

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