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‘Satan’ is Behind War on Christmas, Claims Mega-Church Pastor Robert Jeffress (Video)

Dallas, Texas mega-church Pastor Robert Jeffress joined Bill O'Reilly last night on Fox News to discuss who or what is really behind the so-called "War on Christmas."

The "War on Christmas" is the rallying cry by conservatives when Christian displays or proclamations are not allowed on government property to the exclusion of other religions or non-believers.

However, Pastor Jeffress took it one step further by claiming, "The War on Christmas is real, but Bill it's part of a larger war on Christianity that being waged around the world," noted (video below).

Pastor Jeffress admitted that Christians in the US are "not being martyred as they are in other countries," but then added "yet."

According to, O'Reilly wanted to know who was behind this persecution, to which Pastor Jeffress replied, “The kingdom of darkness, of Satan.”

When O'Reilly wanted to know specific people being used by the devil, Pastor Jeffress mentioned “misguided judges who are perverting Christianity” and "pastors who are there saying there is no war on Christianity."

Pastor Jeffress failed to mention anyone specifically, but added, “Satan can use anyone and everyone."

After naming off several Christian charities that help people, Pastor Jeffress asked O'Reilly, “Can you name one atheistic organization that, in the name of their unbelief, has ever done anything comparable for the benefit for humanity?”

"I cannot, pastor," replied O'Reilly.

However, Hemant Mehta wrote in his Friendly Atheist blog on about numerous secular organizations that have provided aid and charity.

The Huffington Post reported in 2011 that atheist charity groups have skyrocketed and so has charitable giving among non-believers, sometimes surpassing religious folks.

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