Satan Behind Opposition to Ex-Gay Therapy, Says Christian Radio Host (Audio)


Christian radio host Janet Parshall praised ex-gay therapy and her guest Anne Paulk, who supports this type of therapy, last week on "In the Market with Janet Parshall."

Neither Parshall or Anne mentioned that Anne's ex-husband John Paulk, who was one of the originators of the ex-gay movement, but refuted everything about turning gay people straight and came out himself in 2013 noted and

According to the American Psychological Association, every major medical association in the U.S. has discredited ex-gay therapy.

However, that opposition is simply the work of Satan, claimed Parshall, notes (audio below).

"Anytime Satan can try to trample underfoot the truth that is the cross, he’ll do it, including telling people that they can’t change," stated Parshall. "You, however, are my expert witness because you changed, as did I, so that really should be the end of the discussion.”

Later in the program, Anne claimed the U.S. government was "sacrificing our youth to HIV/AIDS, syphilis and gonorrhea" (audio below).

Anne also compared ex-gay therapy to losing weight or getting off drugs (audio below).

“When it comes to overeating, I can get that under control, I can become the size my body was meant to be, or I can feed it more and more and more and more and get to that 700 pounds stage, that is unfortunately humanly possible,” stated Anne. “If we take that and apply it to something like drug addiction, it is much harder according to the stats to overcome drug addiction than it is to leave behind homosexuality.”

Sources:,, American Psychological Association, (Image Credit: Jenny Mealing)


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