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Sarah Palin Repeats Debunked Story About Boy Not Allowed To Read Bible (Video)

The parents of Loyal Grandstaff, 12, claimed in January that their son was told by his teacher that he couldn't read his Bible in school.

Grandstaff told Fox 4 KC that he wanted to read his Bible during free time before the Christmas break, but his seventh grade techer at Bueker Middle School in Marshall, Missouri, nixed the idea.

The story was picked up on the web and went viral, sparking outrage among conservatives and Christians.

However, the school principal, Lance Tobin, told the Christian Post that he investigated the boy's claim and found, "The incident was never validated."

"Fox 4 News ran the report before we had the chance to look into the incident ourselves," added Tobin. "All is good at BMS!"

Former half-term Alaska Governor and current Fox News commentator Sarah Palin revived the claim recently on her pay-to-view during a pitch to sell her 2013 book "Good Tidings and Great Joy," noted

"Normal people don’t want to go through the hassle of litigation, right?" stated Palin. "I’ve been through it how many times now, people suing me over stupid things? It’s not fun, it's expensive, it's such a waste of resources. But normal people, then, understanding litigation is a hassle and don’t want to go through it. So angry atheists know that, so they use their inflamed rhetoric to coerce teachers and principals, they’re forcing them to take away the religious freedoms of their students.”

Palin then claimed the school "needs to learn" what the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled regarding freedom of religion, even though the school didn't violate the boy's religious freedom.

"The Supreme Court has been clear, though, students do not lose their constitutional rights just because they walk though the school doors, thankfully," said Palin. "This is a lesson that one Missouri school needs to learn.”

Palin claimed the principal understood this concept, but the teacher did not.

However, there's no proof the teacher ever told the boy that he could not read his Bible in school.

Sources: Fox 4 KC, Christian Post,
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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