Sarah Palin Plans to Bash 'Angry Atheists' with New Christmas Book (Video)


Former half-term Alaska governor and current "Fox News" commentator Sarah Palin often goes on angry attacks against people on her Twitter and Facebook pages.

However, for her upcoming Christmas book, she recently told conservative activist and former lobbyist Ralph Reed that she plans to go after "angry atheists" (video below).

Palin's planned book is a push-back against the supposed “War on Christmas,” which is claimed yearly by Fox News and conservatives, notes

"It's going to be a great Christmas book, lots of nice festive, joyful things within the book, like recipes and traditions of our family that are pretty unique because we are from Alaska and live near the North Pole so we have access to Santa Claus and all the good things that come with Christmas," Palin told Reed.

After promising to include the fictional Santa Claus, Palin added: "The heart of the book is the truth about Christmas. It's keeping Christ in Christmas and not allowing the politically correct people and angry atheists, especially those who are armed with an attorney, to tell us that Christ will not be a part of Christmas anymore. Whether that has to do with the language that we use, when we say 'Merry Christmas' publicly, or when we have nativity scenes on our public property, or private property ... We tell them how to fight back and be empowered by keeping Christ in Christmas."

Palin did not mention exactly who was being censoring from saying "Merry Christmas" or prevented from creating displays of Christmas on private property.

It is true there are atheists and others who do who object to religious Christmas displays on government property because they favor Christianity over other types of faith and non-faith.

Palin did not mention that there is no Christmas holiday mentioned in the Bible.



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