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Sarah Palin Calls Atheists 'Joe McScrooges' and Says They Will 'Ruin' the US (Video)

Former half-term Alaska governor and Fox commentator Sarah Palin has struck gold with her new best-selling book Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting The Heart of Christmas, which attacks liberals, President Obama and atheists, whom she calls “Joe McScrooges.”

In an interview that aired today on CBN (video below), CBN's David Brody also demonized non-believers and asked Palin, "How dangerous is a Joe McScrooge to America?"

“That's a great question, " said Palin. "Because a Joe McScrooge armed with an attorney is quite dangerous."

Brody then reported on how a Colorado school stopped its association with Rev. Franklin Graham's "Operation Christmas Child" and blamed atheists who threatened to sue.

However, Brody failed to mention that SkyView Academy is a public school and the children were told to put Christian fliers inside shoe boxes for "Operation Christmas Child" that instructed children overseas to become Christians, noted The Denver Post.

“The road that we are on today is too many of those angry atheists armed with attorneys would try to take away that freedom to express faith," claimed Palin. "It’s going to end in ruin unless we do something about it."

“I want this book to be a call to action, to take steps for school districts, for communities, for business owners, for families to understand they don’t have to hide their faith,” added Palin. “They don’t have to be embarrassed by it.”

"This war on Christmas is really the tip of the spear when it comes to a greater battle that's brewing," stated Palin. "The battle that is brewing are those that would want to take God out of our society, out of our culture, which will lead to ruin as history has proven."

However, Palin failed to give any examples of this "history."

Palin spread more Christmas cheer by attacking the Obama administration and talked about "putting her life in Christ's hands."

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