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San Jose State University 'De-Recognizes' Christian Group

A California university has reportedly "de-recognized" a campus student ministry that requires its leaders to be Christians.

San Jose State University notified the campus chapter of Ratio Christi that its "discriminatory" policy violates a new California State University Executive Order about how an organization chooses its leaders, noted The Christian Post.

When a group is "de-recognized," it can no longer receive student body funding. "De-recognized" groups are not allowed to take part in student ceremonies and events on campus.

In response, Ratio Christi President Rick Schenker stated on

All college students, including religious students, should have the right to form groups around shared beliefs and choose leaders who reflect those beliefs without being shut down and kicked off campus. Imagine the College Democrats being required to have a Republican student leader, or the local chapter of PETA being required to have a meat-eating leader. The results of the Cal State policy are simply ridiculous.

Anyone is free to join the Ratio Christi chapter at San Jose State University, and these students should be able to independently choose leaders that embody the purpose of the club, not the ideology of a few college officials. The message the school officials are sending is a deeply disturbing one, and paints a grim outlook for the future of true education in this country.

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Image Credit: San Jose State University Logo


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