San Diego Atheists Attempt to De-Convert Believers in God (Video)

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Evangelical Christians are often accused of "pushing" their faith on other people, but now an atheist group is trying to de-convert people to their non-belief view.

The San Diego Coalition of Reason has been holding a Sunday Assembly on Saturday and staffing a booth in Balboa Park with a banner that reads "Relax, Hell Does Not Exist" in order to engage passers-by in debates over the existence of God (video below).

"These are what we call theistic pretzels," San Diego Coalition of Reason Tommy J told KPBS. "And a theistic pretzel, as we can see, is made with actual twisted logic. But some people have a little more hunger in their souls, they're looking for maybe a little more than that, so we will save them with the power of Cheez-Its."

His fellow member Debbie Allen added, "We like to have a gathering place for our members, people that want to chat, get to know each other, they can come do that on any Saturday, but also we like to let the community know that there are groups that they may want to participate in."

Another Coalition of Reason member, Jim Eliason, says people have been rejected by their families, have lost a job, or fear losing their job because of their non-belief.

"And it's one of the reasons that people are so relieved to find out that we're out there, that we exist, that they can come and join us in social activities," said Eliason.

Eliason also explained the purpose of their atheist evangelical efforts, noted

"We're constantly fighting to get religion out of our schools, constantly fighting to get the teaching of creationism out of our schools," stated Eliason. "So if we can de-convert people away from these religious ideas that keep them stuck in this dogma that forces them to believe these things, that's a moment of pure joy for us."

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