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San Antonio Will Jail Christians Who Oppose Homosexuality, Claims Pat Robertson (Video)

Pat Robertson falsely claimed today on The 700 Club that the city of San Antonio, Texas has criminalized the act of having a “biblical view” on sexuality.

Robertson is upset because San Antonio recently passed a non-discrimination ordinance that includes legal protections for sexual orientation and gender identity, noted

“This means that if you speak out about your deeply held religious beliefs they will put you in jail or brand you some kind of a class 3 felon. This whole thing is outrageous and that city council should be replaced,” said Robertson (video below).

CBN news reporter Heather Sells also falsely claimed the new ordinance “criminalizes those with a biblical view of sexuality as it forbids bias against homosexuality or bi-sexuality. Those charged face a class C misdemeanor on their record and fines up to $500 a day."

However, contrary to Sells and Robertson, the law actually criminalizes businesses that intentionally discriminate against LGBT people, not for Christians who have anti-gay beliefs or dare to speak out, notes

The law does forbid people with a public bias against LGBT from serving in local political positions as they would likely discriminate against LGBT people, but that part of the law may be challenged in court.

However, the ordinance does not jail people for speaking out on their "deeply held religious beliefs," no matter how bigoted they may be.

Source:, CBN,


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