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San Antonio Police Pray Each Morning Before Starting Shift

Some police in San Antonio, Texas, pray together each morning before starting their shifts.

The San Antonio Police Careers Facebook page recently posted a picture of the officers praying with a caption by Officer Holderby that read: "A daily routine here on West Patrol Daylight shift ... after roll call, a daily prayer before the shift starts."

While it's not illegal for officers to pray individually on their own, the Friendly Atheist notes: "No police officers should be put in the position of either being pressured to pray to a God they don’t believe in or walking out to avoid it (and looking bad in front of everyone else, including their superiors)."

Most of the Facebook commenters were very supportive of the prayers.

In more police and religion news, an incoming Nebraska State Patrol supervisor, Brad Rice, has reportedly espoused his Christian beliefs while at work in the past.

Kent Hanlin, an investigator for the law enforcement agency, told that Rice often began mandatory staff meetings with prayer and gave out religious pamphlets to some employees.

Attorney Vincent Valentino said that he represented a trooper who filed a complaint over the alleged actions about 10 years ago.

However, Taylor Gage, spokesperson for Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts (R), told "Speculation about the existence of old grievances/complaints is just that — speculation ... It is worth noting that the Nebraska Legislature opens each morning with prayer."

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Image Credit: Facebook Screenshot


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