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Ron Paul and Pat Robertson Attack Public Education (Video)

Former U.S. Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) joined 700 Club host Pat Robertson today to blame public schools for society's ills, from "indoctrination" to "NSA spying."

Paul was on the program to plug his new "school" curriculum for homeschoolers, which Robertson praised for its "Biblical principles of self-government,” noted (video below).

Robertson, who recently replaced the president at his Regent University who suddenly resigned for reasons unknown, attacked progressives for supposedly advancing "indoctrination” in public schools.

“Don’t the so-called progressives and whatever, don’t they really want education to indoctrinate children. It’s not just a question of educating they want to indoctrinate them in their philosophy, don’t they?” asked Robertson.

“I think that’s the whole purpose, it’s indoctrination. It’s compulsory. It’s conformity. Destroy creativity. destroy individuality. They don’t want kids to be curious, they have to conform and mold it and then they are obedient to the state," claimed Paul.

Ironically, its progressives that are usually protesting "the state" and corporations, as with the nationwide "Occupy America" movement and numerous protests against U.S. wars.

Paul added: "Then we allow our governments to grow and all of a sudden we have NSA, invasion of our privacy. We have runaway militarism around the world. We have runaway spending and runaway printing of money and they can condition the people to say, 'Oh, the government knows best they’ll take care of it.'"

Paul failed to mention that Robertson was a huge supporter of the U.S. invading Iraq and Afghanistan.



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