Romney Strategists Prepare for War Against Iran


The Emergency Committee for Israel is running an advertisement urging an immediate war
with Iran. This organization was founded by Weekly Standard creator, and Romney strategist, William Kristol.

Its message is that the evil, Jewish-hating Persian theocracy must be obliterated
to make way for Israeli expansion.

Sound preposterous? Well, the ploy, here, is to make Romney look like a Delta Team 6 super-commando. This supposedly will take Jewish voters away from Obama in the November election. The other purpose is to sanctify the execution of a million Iranians when Romney orders the bombing come next January.

Remarkably, Iran is not a threat to peace in the Middle East.

The Persians have not attacked anyone for the last 250 years. Iran has no nuclear weapons. Sure, they might get a death wish and lob a few conventional weapons onto Tel Aviv. But Israel, the nation that ranks just behind Russia and China in terms of nuclear firepower, could kill 25% of the Iranian population within the first day of a war.

Unfortunately, the issues that are driving this race to attack Iran are not being discussed by the major media.

The main issue for attacking Iran is that the war will raise oil prices—doubling them to about $8 a gallon. That will create such a cash cow for oil speculators—like Romney backer David Koch—that several of Mitt’s boys could become trillionaires. It will also make Romney a war president with the powers to downsize all domestic programs.

That would include the sacking of Medicare, Social Security, food stamps, and college loans. Meanwhile, the deficit would skyrocket.

Sound gloomy? Not so.

The good news here is that Romney’s backers are playing their hand before the election. This gives voters a clear choice: A vote for Romney means war. It could not be any clearer.


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