Robin Roberts Coming Out Gay Was Planned to Stop 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson, Claims Pastor


"Good Morning America" co-host Robin Roberts recently noted on her Facebook page that it had been one year since the bone marrow transplant to treat her cancer.

Roberts thanked her doctors, family and her female partner for her "restored good health" on the one-year anniversary, Dec. 29, 2013, notedUPI.

However, Roberts' timing was not about the anniversary of her restored health, according to Pastor Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina.

Pastor Creech recently questioned Roberts' choice to come out, ignored her medical history and bone marrow anniversary in an op-ed for The Christian Post:

The timing of Robert's announcement begs the question: Why now?

Pastor Creech then recalled how Roberts interviewed President Obama when he decided to announce how he had evolved on gay marriage on May 9, 2012, only one day after North Carolina voted to ban gay marriage.

Pastor Creech writes:

Instead, the huge story on May 9th was President Obama's avowed support for same-sex marriage. Who did the interview of the President on the subject? You guessed it right – Robin Roberts.

Even though President Obama's interview with Roberts made no difference in North Carolina's law, Pastor Creech now believes that Roberts' Facebook announcement is just too close to 'Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson's condemnation of homosexuality.

In an interview with GQ magazine, Robertson compared homosexuals to terrorists and claimed that black people were "happy" under racist Jim Crow laws, which Pastor Creech did not mention.

Instead, Pastor Creech delved deeper into his conspiracy theory:

Phil Robertson is from the South. Robin Roberts is from the South. Phil Robertson is a beloved television personality. Robin Roberts is a beloved television personality. Phil Robertson attended a university in Louisiana. Robin Roberts went to a university in Louisiana. Phil Robertson is a person of devout Christian faith. Robin Roberts is someone who professes to be a person of devout Christian faith.

Coincidence? Hardly! Contrived? More than likely. Especially since Robert's "coming out" takes place in conjunction with Robertson's reinstatement.

Unable to shut down the voice of one who opposes the homosexual lifestyle from a biblical perspective, gay activists and their media supporters must counter with the voice of someone they believe might eclipse it. Twice now, Roberts is at the heart of an effort to squelch the clear and loud sound of opposition.

...But there is a concerted effort, a vast left wing conspiracy, if you will, to stamp out any Christian voice opposed to the LGBT agenda to normalize same-sex relationships.

Pastor Creech failed to mention that Roberts' lesbian relationship has been known for years by co-workers and by anyone who watched the ESPY awards in July 2013 when Roberts and her lover Amber Laign appeared together, noted the New York Daily News.

Sources: New York Daily News, UPI, The Christian Post,Facebook


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