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Robertson and Australian: an Angry God Causes Natural Disasters

Most people learn a bit about science when they attend school. That does not mean they become the next Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking, but most do learn something. Sigh, some seem to have completely missed all of their science classes.

Pat Robertson, for example. Robertson has blamed gays for large snowfalls. Yes he has blamed blizzards on gays. I guess it's like the so-called Flood, but with frozen water and it doesn't actually come close to covering the earth.

This was supposedly to stop gays from "doing something gay." Yes, this god hates "doing something gay" so much that he will screw up everyone's plans to stop someone from going to a Broadway musical. Hey, gays can still watch Glee! Hey, what if someone wanted to go to church, did this god think of that?

Robertson (along with his fellow nutjob, Jerry Falwell) blamed the 9/11 attack on gays, atheists, feminists etc. Robertson blamed hurricane Katrina on the same groups.

Frankly, Pat Robertson is the dumbest person of any fame ever. Nobody comes close. That Snooki woman from Jersey Shore? She is the greatest intellect the world has ever seen, next to Robertson. Well, it seems in Australia they have their own Pat Robertson types. A cyclone in Australia caused a big amount of destruction in Australia and who is blamed? The atheist Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard, of course.

Now, I know it may be hard to imagine here in the U.S. that there the head of a nation who can be an open atheist. Heck, there is one member of the U.S. Congress (out of 535)  who states he doesn't have a belief in a god (Peter Starks-CA), but even he isn't flat out stating that he is an atheist.

The leader of a group called Catch the Fires Ministry has stated "It is very sad that this dark chapter in Australia’s history is led by an atheist Prime Minister in Julia Gillard and an openly homosexual Greens leader... both who have no regard for God nor prayer." My opinion, good! It's 2011, it's time we had politicians who have no regard for such things.  

If someone wants to pray to their god instead of say, opening a science book, great. But the leader of a nation state isn't there to offer burnt offerings to your god. If someone wants to pray to such a being, go ahead, but don't expect the head of a nation state to do it for you.

Also, don't miss the attack on Green party leader being gay. If there are two things the far religious right (who by no means represents all or most Christians) can't stand, it is gay people and atheists. To these uneducated simpletons, having either of them as leaders in a nation invites destruction or at least disfavor from their deity.


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