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Riddle of the Bible Solved: the Revelation Will Cause Armageddon

This essay is about a spiritual event hidden in the Bible. The revelation of this hidden spiritual event will trigger the apocalypse. In a sense, the revelation contained in this essay is itself the apocalypse since the words revelation and apocalypse both mean to uncover or reveal a secret. It is this essay and the secret it reveals…this is why the prophecy is called the apocalypse.

It should first be understood that God is the highest level of reality…transcending time and space. An infinitely loving God intentionally created a world of good and evil in order to experience mercy, compassion and other emotions. It would not be enough to merely reason what it might be like to lose a loved one; a truly loving God would need to experience the emotion of grief in order to understand love. God would have to hide His presence from us since He transcends time and would have to experience many of these emotions through us.

If God is going to experience all of the emotions of love, creation would have to be done in just the right way. Satan was given power, but was not given the ability to love others. Humans were given the ability to love, but were made puny. God prefers the humans since love is what matters, but Satan is jealous of the humans and views them to be insignificant. With the conditions that God established, Satan believes creation is a test to see which is greater…power or love.

From the beginning, God established a Law that will cause all hatred and evil to be destroyed in the end. Satan must be careful to avoid violating the Law while he brings a spirit of self-love into the world causing humans to violate the Law. In this way Satan is able to use the Law to destroy humanity without violating the Law himself. By doing this Satan believes he has shown that power is the true measure of greatness. Even though the Law is based on love, loveless Satan can live up to the Law through his powerful will; but loving humans fail to live up to the Law because of their weakness. Since it is the weak humans who will be destroyed on the Day of Judgment, Satan believes God will have to revise the Law to acknowledge the insignificance of love and to acknowledge the greatness of Satan.

But Satan’s actions are exactly what God knew the devil would do. With loving humans influenced by a self-centered spirit, conditions are created for the existence of creatures capable of both good and evil; and this is one of the conditions that God needed to establish in order for this learning experience to be successful. It was all part of the plan; but in the end, God has a surprise for Satan.

God called Himself “I AM” because God is existence…the highest level of reality, and there is only one God. We each have a body, soul and spirit, but while our spirit was created by God, the Spirit that came into the body of Christ was a small piece of the essence of God, like a ‘chip off the old block’. This is why Jesus is called Son of God and not brother of God. When Jesus was on the cross, God looked away and the devil felt it was safe to unload his hatred on Christ. This is why Jesus seemed to fear the cross even though He has power over death. To this day Satan is not aware that Jesus had the ability to witness this spiritual hatred.

Jesus was perfect and overcame the Law and returned to God; but in the end Jesus will return to complete Oneness with God; and with the memories of Christ becoming the memories of God, God will be a witness against Satan. The devil will be found guilty under the Law, but Satan doesn’t know it yet since the future return of Christ to Oneness with God has been keep secret.

When Jesus returns to being completely one with God, He must discard His flesh, and this will provide eternal life in Heaven for all the children of God. Jesus is one of us, so it is only fair that our flesh also be discarded. This means our spirit will be judged separately, like a separate person. The spirit of love within us is perfect and sinless and has lived up to the Law, and it is only fair that we be given eternal life in Heaven. This is true for all people who possess the ability to love unselfishly regardless of their religious belief or non-belief. All such people have something inside themselves that is truly worthy of eternal life once it is judged separately.

Love is shown to be the true measure of greatness since billions of tiny spirits of love were all able to overcome powerful Satan, but powerful Satan could not overcome his inability to love. The Law is vindicated, and Satan did accept the Law by trying to use it to destroy humanity (As you judge so shall you be judged). We, as perfect loving spirits, will be able to enjoy Heaven while any creature that is less than perfect would eventually become miserable in eternity. This is why the Law must destroy all imperfection, and why our redemption must go beyond mere forgiveness to include our being transformed into perfect creatures.

Satan is still in Heaven, but this new view of the Bible explains why Satan becomes enraged and must be cast from Heaven in the end since this view of the Bible shows how Satan is condemned. This knowledge would cause Satan to be enraged once this revelation is distributed sufficiently for the devil to take it seriously. This view of the Bible would not be revealed until conditions are right for Armageddon since this view of the Bible is the spark that will cause Armageddon. Armageddon is the last throes of a great evil spirit that has just learned it is to be destroyed.

One problem people have with this view of the Bible is that much of it is not found in traditional Christian theology. If you examine it honestly, you should notice that it makes more sense than substitution atonement and many other concepts that have been part of theology for centuries, but there is a natural tendency to distrust any new ideas. It is true that this is a different and “new” view of the Bible, but it even provides a reasonable explanation for why it had to be kept secret until now. If it could not be revealed until just before the end, no doubt it will be seen as different and therefore “unorthodox” once it is revealed.

This theory is remarkably consistent with the actual text of the Bible. So consistent with the Bible, that it actually causes the pieces to fit together so that the Bible makes more sense. It makes sense that God was a harsh disciplinarian in Old Testament times since God was laying a trap for Satan. It was all part of the plan, but all of the children of God in ancient Israel who were executed under the Law are redeemed to eternal life by the fulfillment of the Law. It is all the previous interpretations of the Bible that have been inconsistent with the Bible and most have caused the Bible to be viewed with hostility.

This interpretation reveals the wonderful message of the Bible, and it reconciles passages that had previously seemed to contradict each other. For example the Bible says that we are judged by our works, but it also says that we only make it to Heaven through Christ, and it says that God predetermined who would go to Heaven. This is why there are so many competing divisions within Christianity as theologians have argued over these conflicting passages for centuries. According to this new view of the Bible, God predetermined who would be born with a spirit of love within themselves; so God did predetermine who would go to Heaven since those are the ones who have something inside themselves worthy of eternal life. We are each one person and only through Christ can the separation of our spirit from our flesh be justified, so we only make it to Heaven through Christ even though being a Christian is not necessary. On the Day of Judgment, both the spirit and flesh will be judged by their works, so we are judged by our works but the spirit within us is perfect. In all nations and religions, every child of God (every deep down good person) makes it to Heaven, and no passage in the Bible has to be ignored or redefined. The Bible says that God created evil and this is explained. It is explained how we can achieve the seemingly impossible perfection that is demanded by the Law. It is explained how we make it to Heaven through Christ without an unfair transfer of responsibility for our sin to Christ which would violate passages in the Bible. The solution to any riddle should be consistent with all the clues.

As far as the return of Christ to Oneness with God, and Christ witnessing the sin of the devil and thereby destroying Satan, there are many clues in the Bible to support this idea. It is remarkable that no one has noticed these clues until now. The Bible talks of the truth being revealed in the end and it talks of a veil being lifted. This is why no one has noticed these fairly obvious clues before now. Because God has veiled our eyes so that we could not see the simple solution for the riddle called the Bible, but in the end the veil will be lifted.


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