Rick Warren’s Son Matthew Dies of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound


Pastor Rick Warren’s youngest son committed suicide on Friday, the family announced in a letter to their church.

According to Daniel Aikin, an official with the Orange County Coroner's Office, 27-year-old Matthew Warren shot himself with an unspecified firearm and quickly died from the wound sustained.

Rick Warren, founder of Southern California’s Saddleback Valley Community Church, sent a statement to CNN regarding his son’s passing.

"No words can express the anguished grief we feel right now," the note read.

"You who watched Matthew grow up knew he was an incredibly kind, gentle, and compassionate man. He had a brilliant intellect and a gift for sensing who was most in pain or most uncomfortable in a room. He'd then make a bee-line to that person to engage and encourage them.

"But only those closest knew that he struggled from birth with mental illness, dark holes of depression, and even suicidal thoughts. In spite of America's best doctors, meds, counselors, and prayers for healing, the torture of mental illness never subsided."

Matthew Warren reportedly shot himself early Friday morning. His body was eventually found at his Mission Viejo home late Friday afternoon.

An autopsy will be conducted at some point next week.

Sources: NBC, CNN


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