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Richard Dawkins Reads Hate Mail From Religious People (Video)

Evolutionary biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins read some of the hate mail he has received from religious folks a few years ago.

That YouTube video garnered over 1 million views and numerous requests for Dawkins to do it again.

According to The Friendly Atheist, Dawkins has now released another video (below) of the emailed threats and hatred that he has received from religious-minded people via his website.

The Richard Dawkins Foundation notes that the video was shot in April 2014, but has only now been made public.

Some of the emails state:

"You may evolved from monkeys, but leave me out of it. Have you ever tried to make love to a monkey? I mean I wouldn't be surprised if you have since sodomites are now running all our universities. But either way, I hope you do get sodomized by Satanic monkeys in hell."

"F-- you f----- f-----. What will you think when you are being basted in the broth of God's righteous indignation? I look forward to observing from my post in heaven the exquisite tortures you will suffer at the hands of the just and loving God who you have rejected f------ f----. God bless."

"I hate you. You don't think God is real because you're gay and stupid."


Sources: Richard Dawkins Foundation, The Friendly Atheist
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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