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Richard Dawkins In Hot Water For Mocking Feminists, Muslims


Prominent evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins was uninvited from a science conference on Jan. 27 after tweeting a video considered offensive toward feminists and Muslims. 

Representatives from the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism released a statement on the NECSS website regarding his barring from the event.

“The [NECSS] has withdrawn its invitation to Richard Dawkins to participate at NECSS 2016,” the statement read. "We have taken this action in response to Dr. Dawkins’ approving re-tweet of a highly offensive video.

“We believe strongly in freedom of speech and freedom to express unpopular, and even offensive, views. However, unnecessarily divisive, counterproductive, and even hateful speech runs contrary to our mission and the environment we wish to foster at NECSS. The sentiments expressed in the video do not represent the values of NECSS or its sponsoring organizations.”

The video shared by Dawkins, titled “Feminists Love Islamists,” features a woman and Middle Eastern man singing a duet that includes references to rape, according to Salon.

Dawkins tweeted the controversial video on Jan. 26, writing, “Obviously doesn’t apply to vast majority of feminists, among whom I count myself. But the minority are pernicious.”

Dawkins initially defended his tweet by calling it “a joke song satirizing the alliance between radical Islamism and radical feminism,” the Independent reports.

He deleted the tweet after learning that the video was based on a real woman who was threatened at a men’s rights convention in 2013. 

Dawkins expressed regret for having shared the video on Twitter.

“Having learned that the woman in the joke song is a real person who has been disgracefully threatened with violence, I’m deleting my tweets,” Dawkins tweeted.

Dawkins issued a public statement following his barring from the NECSS convention, Patheos reports.

“I do not write this out of concern about my appearance or non-appearance at NECSS, but I wish there had been a friendly conversation before such unilateral action was taken … to delete my tweet seemed the safest and most humane course of action,” Dawkins told Patheos. "I have always condemned violence and threats of violence."

Sources: Independent, PatheosNECSS, Salon / Photo Credit: Twitter via Patheos

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