Richard Dawkins Calls Mitt Romney a "Massively Gullible Fool" for being a Mormon

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, on Sunday, asked on Twitter how anyone could vote for a “massively gullible fool” such as Mitt Romney who follows Mormonism, reports RawStory.com.

Dawkins wrote numerous tweets including:

“Romney’s prophet Joseph Smith a fraud, Romney falls for it.”

“No matter how much you agree with Romney’s economic policy, can you really vote for such a massively gullible fool? He is a Mormon BISHOP!”

“Bible & Koran genuinely old, written in the language of their time. Book of Mormon written by 19thC charlatan. Romney too stupid to see it."

“Could you really vote for a man who thinks the Garden of Eden was in Missouri?”

“Christianity, even fundamentalist Christianity, is substantially less ridiculous than Mormonism (and Obama, if he is Christian at all, is certainly not fundamentalist)."

"The traditional Mormon belief in the inferiority of black people (only lately renounced for reasons of political expediency) is as scientifically inaccurate as it is obnoxious.The great ‘prophet’ Brigham Young even prescribed the death penalty for inter-racial marriage.”

"We most emphatically do NOT want a Mormon President, and there seems very little hope that Mitt Romney is only pretending to be Mormon.”


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