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Revoking Degrees from Creation Scientists

There's been some talk about universities revoking PhDs of scientists who later go on to become creationists or otherwise were always creationists and it was never known to the dissertation advisory committee. As it is right now, it's only talk, but I hope to god (no pun intended) that this becomes a reality. 

Yes, I believe that "creation scientists" should be stripped of any and all scientific credentials and degrees. The reason is simple: "creation scientists" hold to outdated mythology and poor methodology. They reject simple things that are the key building blocks to modern science. Evolutionary biology is the single most important, fascinating, and beautiful theory in modern science, and it is the very crux of what nearly all of modern science is dependent on. Why should we approve people as "scientists" when they reject such a key component of modern science? 

"Creation scientists" (I put the term in quotation marks because there really is no such thing, it's an oxymoron) falsify evidence and misinterpret results to justify their "young earth" stance. Further, they spit in the face of so many of today's great scientists and the work they do, replacing scientifically valid trials and experiments with unproven, outdated mythology. It's completely and totally unacceptable. 

Historically it might have been acceptable, for individuals in the likes of Newton, Copernicus, and those guys because of the simple fact that evolutionary biology was unheard of at the time. "Creation scientists" like to use these names to justify that creationism is scientifically valid. They do so erroneously and forgetting that evolutionary biology is largely a work of the late 19th and 20th centuries. 

"Creation scientists" do little for science today, and in fact, in some ways regress it. Hence I believe that these individuals should absolutely be stripped of any and all scientific credentials, including terminal/doctoral degrees. This is also the reason why I will not write letters of academic recommendation to individuals who want to study science at the undergrad or graduate level yet reject evolutionary biology (note I did not say I don't recommend Christians. There are plenty of Christians who accept evolutionary biology, and they are more than entitled to a recommendation from me).


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