Reverend Bob Larson's Teenage Daughters Love the Family Business: Exorcisms

Savannah Larson doesn't have time for Harry Potter and Twilight. She's pretty much swamped ridding beleaguered souls of demonic possession.

"I think Harry Potter and the Twilight films are instigators of evil," she said in a recent interview with Fabulous magazine. "I'm much too busy fighting the devil."

Savannah is just one of Reverend Bob Larson's three teenage daughters, all of whom have "opted" to go into the family trade of expelling demonic influences from the material world.

Reverend Larson claims to have personally performed more than 15,000 exorcisms (for the altruistic price of $400-$500 a pop). He passed down his own knowledge of the occult so  his daughters could continue the family crusade to rid the human body of demonic possession.

Anderson Cooper recently interviewed Reverend Larson and his three deputized daughters on his morning talk show Anderson. You can see video clips from the interview below.

Daughter Brynne tells Anderson that she got involved with exorcism at age 13. Guess field hockey wasn't an option.

Daughter Tess says that she performed her first exorcism on a friend from school. Don't worry, though, her father walked her through it.

Anderson asks the father-daughter god squad the obvious question, "How much are you raking in on this venture?"

Reverand Larson tries to dodge the question answering, "Our teams charge absolutely nothing. The teen girls don't charge." But when pressed he admits that his own demon expulsion fees could run as high as $500 per demon. He also charges $10 for a quiz that potential clients can take to determine whether or not they are possessed and has published north of 30 books on the subject of possession.

As strange as the whole thing is, the girls prove excellent brand ambassadors for the rev. Watch them toe the company line below.


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