Muslim Extremist Shown Drinking, Smoking, Reading Porn In College (Photos)


The past of a well-known Muslim extremist leader who has not shied away from publicly spewing his beliefs has caught up with him, and now, many are calling him a hypocrite.

Anjem Choudary, former leader of banned extremist group al-Muhajiroun, has become a face of the radical Muslim movement in recent years. Just last week, while appearing on Fubar Radio with Jon Gaunt (via Breitbart), he reportedly said that "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, is the legitimate caliph of the Islamic State under Sharia law."

Because of how outspoken he has been over the last few years regarding what is right and how people should live their lives, some have decided to review whether Choudary has actually lived his life by the standards he seems to hold others to.

It would appear not.

“Anyone who becomes intoxicated by alcohol would be given 40 lashes in public,” Choudary once said while talking about Britain adopting Sharia law.

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“Every woman, Muslim or non-Muslim, would have to wear a burka and cover all but their face and hands,” Choudary is also quoted as saying.

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In addition to his fundamental beliefs, Choudary also considers the terrorists behind 9/11 to be martyrs.

Now, photos of Choudary as a student attending Southampton University show that the extremist leader has not always practiced what he preaches. The startling photos show Choudary as a young man drinking to excess and posing with a pornographic magazine.

“I can't keep a straight face when I see ‘fundamentalist Muslim Anjem Choudary’ in the papers attacking the British for drinking or having girlfriends,” said a former friend of Choudary's to the Daily Mail.

“When I knew him, he liked to be called Andy, would often smoke cannabis spliffs all day, and was proud of his ability to down a pint of cider in a couple of seconds. And he was ruthless with girls. When he briefly worked as an English teacher for foreign students in London, he'd pull one of them every few days, sleep with her, then move on to another.”

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Obviously most reasonable people wouldn’t have a problem with a college student drinking and looking at a pornographic magazine – but that’s because they have never taken outrageous positions like the ones Choudary has been known to take.

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