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Rev. Franklin Graham Warns America is "Ripe for God's Judgement" Depending on the Election

Rev. Franklin Graham wrote an article for, today, in which he spoke for his father Rev. Billy Graham: "We believe this is one of the most important elections in our lifetime" and "this could be America’s last call to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ."

Rev. Graham, who has endorsed Mitt Romney, then claimed that "America's leaders actively promote and legislate immorality," but did not mention any leaders' names or the "immorality."

He then warned Christians to vote correctly or America would be "ripe for God’s judgment."

Rev. Graham wrote: "When America’s leaders actively promote and legislate immorality, restrict the religious freedoms that our country was founded on, and are openly hostile to men and women of faith, then I believe we are ripe for God’s judgment."

"So pray and then vote on Nov. 6, asking God for His mercy and grace upon our land. There’s still time to turn from our wicked ways so that He might spare us from His wrath against sin.


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