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Rev. Franklin Graham Says Tax Violent Movies, Video Games

The Rev. Franklin Graham says that violent movies and video games should be taxed, but for some reason doesn't think the same holds true for guns.

“How much violence as a nation are we willing to accept?” Graham said Wednesday in York, South Carolina. “We tax cigarettes, we can tax violence.”

However, there have been no scientific studies that absolutely link violent video games and movies to actual violence, reports the New York Times.

“None of these extreme acts, like a school shooting, occurs because of only one risk factor; there are many factors, including feeling socially isolated, being bullied, and so on,” Craig A. Anderson, a psychologist at Iowa State University, told the New York Times. “But if you look at the literature, I think it’s clear that violent media is one factor; it’s not the largest factor, but it’s also not the smallest.”

Rev, Graham is participating in a six-day training session for disaster relief for his organization Samaritan’s Purse at the Bethelwoods Camp and Conference Center.

“We bring as much distraction as you can get. You literally have guts in your hands,” Rev. Graham told

Rev. Graham then claimed that President Obama "is playing down the terrorism threat. It is as strong today as it was after 9/11," but did not give any examples.

He also praised the U.S. military, which takes its orders from President Obama, for fighting terrorism.

Rev. Graham added: “Al-Qaeda is still over there. Osama bin Laden is just one in a line of guys and all are willing to die... When I heard about Boston, I didn’t get mad, angry or frustrated. But I was frustrated in the country as a whole. The nation needs to take a good look at other religions.”

He claimed that Christianity teaches people to forgive and “turn the other cheek," but other religions do not.

However, many religions actually do teach forgiveness, including Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

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